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When I think about year I have Sexdaily Dyslexia shirt . 2020 it seems. so far into the future, one with flying cars and rogue androids. Well, believe or not, it’s 2 years from now and I haven’t seen any flying cars yet. Although, I’m definitely not very eager to meet any vicious, replicant type of android.2020 is also the year of the Tokyo Summer Olympics and as a designer, this is an opportunity to discuss any graphic design features. It’s especially paramount to talk about how you could have done way better. Well, rejoice, because the chance to split hairs is here: the mascots of the great event have been revealed.There were three sets of them announced a year before. Each has one for the Olympics and one for the Paralympics and the winners were chosen based on children’s votes. That’s right! 16,769 schools asked their elementary students which would best represent their country and culture. I’m guessing they didn’t go through any complicated analysis, instead chose the cutest, most relatable ones. Indeed, I find them to be quite hypnotizing (Hello, manga eyes!) and futuristic looking thanks to those sharp edges. Is it weird that the third set of mascots makes me think of Russia?

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia  Classic Ladies

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia Classic Ladies

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia  Hoodie

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia Hoodie

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia  LongSleeve

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia LongSleeve

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia  Sweatshirt

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia Sweatshirt

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia  Unisex

I have Sexdaily Dyslexia Unisex

Anyway, now that we have the mascots, expect them everywhere in 2020 in parades, in the crowds with fans, all over social media or cheering for the athletes I have Sexdaily Dyslexia shirt . Their purpose is to create hype and communicate the spirit of the games, of course. The names will be announced at a later date and in the meantime, you can have a look at their profiles and learn about their personalities:I love the t-shirts Cotton Bureau is printing and their overall attitude towards the customer. Now I have another reason to nag you about them and this time I expect you will agree with me 100%.In the context of another school shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, USA with 17 victims and the approaching 19th anniversary of the Columbine HS shooting, Cotton Bureau is teaming up with National School Walkout. Up to $10 from each shirt sold will be donated on their behalf to Everytown, a movement striving to end gun violence and build safer communities. Students from over 1,000 schools have already joined the walkout.
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