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Temperatures are warming Broco Raptors shirt . up sunshine and blue skies are making a comeback and we’re getting ready for your summer apparel orders! We know picking the right garment can be half the battle when placing an order, so we thought we’d give you a hand. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 Summer garments. These t-shirts and tanks are lightweight, soft and stylish, and we’ve got plenty more where these came from!The classic. This ultralight, sheer jersey version of American Apparel’s legendary (and most popular item) Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt is great for just about any person or design. It results in a great print, too!

Broco Raptors shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Broco Raptors shirt Classic Women's T-shirt

Broco Raptors shirt Classic Women’s

Broco Raptors shirt Long Sleeved T-shirt

Broco Raptors shirt Long Sleeved

Broco Raptors shirt Unisex Sweatshirt

Broco Raptors shirt Unisex Sweatshirt

Broco Raptors shirt Unisex Hoodie

Broco Raptors shirt Unisex Hoodie

Classic Men's

Classic Men’s

When you place an order with Threadbird, our team immediately begins moving it through the system Broco Raptors shirt . You can help that process go smoothly and as quickly as possible by making sure your customer service rep has all artwork, sizing, due date (if specific) and shipping address with your order. We’ll handle the rest!Looking to do something a little different with your apparel? Embroidery is a great way to mix things up and looks great on hats, polos, fleece and variety of other options. We’ve put together a few points to help when considering an embroidery order.So you’re ready to place a garment order. What’s next, you ask? There will be a number of steps to make sure we have everything you need, one being “high resolution or vectorized artwork”. What the heck does that mean? Well, allow us to explain.High quality artwork is crucial in the screen printing process. The design you print is a major selling point for any clothing brand, band or retail company. It’s the reason your customers want to buy it from you, and we want all of our customers to succeed. Below we’ll answer some of the top questions that our customers have about artwork files.
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  1. Anonymous

    Nice tee. Fabric looks good

  2. Anonymous

    Kingteeshops is Best Buy for 100% cotton t-shirts!
    Kingteeshops is the best buy brand of 100% cotton work shirts we have found. Easy care, holds shape, quality construction, minimal shrinkage. Nice colors that don’t fade. Bonus is that cotton doesn’t get that horrible smell you find in polyester.

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